Affinity residential community Sign in San Diego
The Affinity Condo building with attached garages in San Diego California
Affinity condos in San Diego offer it residents wide open streets and views
The streets of the Affinity Condos are well maintained and there is lush landscape on the side lots beautifying the look and feel of the community
Residents of the Affinity Community enjoy access to facilities such as pool and spa
Residents of the Affinity community enjoy wide open streets and private garages along with the easy commute to service and retail centers.
This is the entrance to the Affinity Condos community in City of San Diego California
Residents of the Affinity community enjoy well maintain sidewalks and green spots near their Condos
Affinity community Condos have wide open roads with well-maintained streets and sidewalks
Condos for sale in San Diego at Affinity
Residents enjoy coming to the community Pool and spa area with sitting area for community members of Affinity
Affinity Condos have two to three bedrooms depending on a plan, along with spacious porches to enjoy the views.
Residents of this Condo building enjoy views of Affinity Neighborhood in San Diego California
Views of San Diego from the peaceful streets of Affinity
Cozy Spa at the community activity center in Affinity
Residents enjoy access to the community center with Pool and spa facilities.